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You’ve got to care.

Help Desk is one of those professions or areas of Information Technology that you just ought not be in if customer service isn’t important to you. Here at Adaptive Solutions, we strive for customer service in just about everything we do, in every area and department, but especially at the Help Desk.

Network down? Call the Help Desk.

Outlook keeps crashing? Call the Help Desk.

Forget how to compare two documents? Call the Help Desk.

Printer won’t print? Call the Help Desk.

Need to order a pizza? Well, you would not call the Help Desk for that. But anything technical (referred to as “break-fix” in our field), we are here for you.

ASI’s capable Help Desk resolves over 80% of the problems that come to us by phone or e-mail.  And that’s first-call resolution rates.

For complex issues we cannot fix due to limited access and rights, experience or time, we still play an important role to document the issue and route it to the right department that can provide a resolution.  We are your technical advocate if-you-will, to see to it that someone resolves your issue.

Caring is sharing.

We are also available for your “how to” questions. We welcome them.

Help Desk IssuesHow do you save that Word document as a PDF? Call the Help Desk.

How do you import your PDF as a new version to an existing one in FileSite? Call the Help Desk.

How do you start numbering on Page 2 in a Word document? Call the Help Desk.

How do you change your Facebook status using your new iPhone 6?  Okay, you might not want to call the Help Desk for that one. After all, calls are recorded for quality assurance, and your firm’s administrator or technology staff might see your ticket on your firm’s daily ticket report.

All humor aside, we are here for your software questions, even Facebook if your job requires it!

Printing Calendar Categories

This week we had a customer contact the Help Desk needing to print out all calendar items marked with a certain category—to have a listing of these items in a table or grid format.

Sounded simple enough.

"All I want to do is printout a list of all my calendar items that have a certain category."
“All I want is a printout of all my calendar items in one category.”

She had already found the calendar items needed by doing an Advanced Find in Outlook.  It was readily apparent that Microsoft’s Outlook software had a design limitation with their Advanced Find results.  There was no way to print the results, short of doing a screenshot.

But we did not end the call there by just informing our customer of this fact.  No.

We were determined to help our customer.

Initially we suggested creating a temporary or “dummy” folder in Outlook and bulk copying the Advanced Find results to that folder, where she could then printout the items in a table format or grid as desired. But the user made an excellent point. She did not want to perform that activity each time she needed to print out calendar items in that category.  She explained this was an activity she needs to repeat often.

Fair enough.

Next we tried creating a custom Search Folder to produce the desired search results. We did some testing on our end so that the user could still be productive and get work done. We were able to successfully create an Outlook Search Folder that yielded e-mails by category, but not calendar items.  Even though Appointment category was an available field for search criteria on the Advanced tab, it did not yield calendar items.  Odd, but we’ve seen odder with Outlook.

What worked?

Outlook views was the secret weapon.

We created a special Outlook view that filtered calendar items by the user’s desired category, then right-clicked on this view which gave us the option to add it to her Quick Access Toolbar (QAT).  Then she could easily toggle to and from that view, from any screen inside of her Outlook account, to quickly printout a list of calendar items in a certain category whenever needed.

This is exactly what our customer wanted, and we were glad to save the day!

But our job was not done after providing this creative, winning solution that wowed our user.

Nope.  We first added the steps into the resolution of the ticket and checked a box which automatically added this problem and resolution to our knowledgebase.  This is one of the many features of our new ticketing system.  By adding the item to the knowlegebase with clear steps (see steps below), we can more readily assist any other customers who contact us with that same request.

As our knowlegebase grows, the stronger our customer service becomes.  We’ve been providing Help Desk services for two decades now, since 1998.  Yes, our collective knowledge is pretty powerful–if you believe that knowledge is power.

Knowledge-sharing is in fact one of the core strengths of the Adaptive Solutions Help Desk service.  We enjoy sharing with our customers and one another.  I had the opportunity as the Help Desk Supervisor to teambuild with an analyst to solve this fun challenge.  Now I am sharing this bit of knowledge online in hopes that maybe someday, thanks to Google’s search engine, it might help someone out there needing to perform a similar task.

The Exact Steps for Printing Outlook Calendar Items by Category

QAT for Calendar View

See below for step by step instructions on creating a calendar view that filters by category.

NOTE:  These steps are for Outlook 2013, but the steps are similar in earlier versions of Outlook.

  1. In Outlook, click on the View menu, point to Change View, and then click Manage Views.
  2. Click New.
  3. In the Name of new view box, type a name, such as the Category name.
  4. In the Type of view box, select Table, which helps results to show in a printable list.
  5. To change where the view will be available, select an option under Can be used on.
  6. Click OK.
  7. In the next dialogue box, click on Filter. Then click the More Choices Then click the Categories button. Put a check next to the category you’d like to print out.
  8. Click OK in every dialogue box you now see until all the dialogue boxes go away.
  9. On the View menu, click the Change View
  10. Now do a right-click on your newly added view and select Add Gallery to Quick Access Toolbar. This will cause the VIEW options to appear on your Quick Access Toolbar (QAT)
  11. Now click the VIEW icon your QAT and toggle to and from the desired view. Note that you want to be on your calendar to view calendar items in that category. And you want to be inside your INBOX to view mail items in that category.
  12. Now for printing. Once you see the listing of category items in the category you want to print, go to File and Print. By default, we have configured this view to print in a Table format only. The results will appear as a listing or like a spreadsheet-like grid.

We are here for you: 24/7/365

If you are considering outsourcing your Help Desk to save money, Adaptive Solutions is a great Help Desk to consider. Or perhaps you just want to give your IT team or in-house Help Desk a “break” after-hours. Leave the after-hours, weekends, and holidays to us by simply forwarding your Help Desk line to ours.

For more information about our Help Desk service, onsite or virtual Training, or any of our other products and services, please call Adaptive Solutions at 610.489.9872 or click here to e-mail us.

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